After a combined 10 years playing professional Rainbow Six and 4 years with DarkZero Esports, the two leaders of Alex “Skys” Magor and Kyle “Mint” Landers have announced their retirement from competitive play. The announcement comes on the heels of the team’s 6th place finish at the recent Six Invitational.


Skys came to the DarkZero Esports family in 2019 after a 4th place finish with Team Reciprocity at the Tokoname Pro League Finals. A long-time pro, Skys came up in the Xbox division with the legendary Elevate roster, who won the first and only Six Invitational on Xbox in 2017. From there he switched to PC and charged through thanks to his aggressive and stubborn playstyle as an entry fragger.


Skys eventually joined Team Reciprocity, where his flexibility and leadership caught the eye of DarkZero. After joining, Skys led the team to a 5th place finish at SI20. His consistency and cool demeanor in-game and out helped them transition into a new playstyle and pushed the team to the August Mini-Major Championship where they beat TSM and finished first in the North American League. His adaptability paired with a legendary vision for the game provided the team a constant metronome for success and his contributions to DarkZero Esports will be missed. We wish him the best of luck in his retirement and future endeavors. 


In a bittersweet move, Mint retires from competitive play and will transition into a role on the coaching staff. Mint is a founding member of the DarkZero Esports roster and was the last original member to step back from the starting lineup. Originally a stand-in, Mint is a long-time Rainbow Six Siege pro. His first professional game was at the Year 1 Season 1 Pro League Finals with VwS Gaming, where the team lost to Penta Esports. From there Mint joined GotEm Gaming, where the core roster of Mint, Pojoman, and Hotancold would eventually form the original DarkZero roster. 


Mint’s time in the game was highlighted by his innovative and meta-bending playstyle. The team’s trademark pocket strats and off-meta operator picks where often led by Mint’s flexible playstyle. Since joining DarkZero, he led the team to both their Six Invitational appearances, as well as their second place finish at the Tokoname Pro League Finals and their August Mini-Major Championship. Mint brings to the coaching role a wealth of experience with this roster and the determination and vision necessary to lead them to victory.


DarkZero Esports thanks him for his work as a founder of the roster and his continued commitment to the team.