DarkZero Roster Update - June 2021

After a brief trial period, DarkZero Esports is proud to announce the signing of Roberto “Panbazou” Feliciano to our Rainbow Six Siege roster. Panbazou comes from the North American Challenger League team LiViD Gaming, where his talent as a flexible entry and roamer caught the eye of the team. Coming off a 7th place finish, Panbazou had several standout performances in CL, including an OT win against Super Nova and a 2.16 rating in their win against Hype Unit. 

While filling the roles left open by the respective retirement and role change of Skys and Mint won’t be easy, DarkZero is confident that this re-invigorated roster will outperform expectations. Now headed by Mint in the coach’s seat, the team brings the same depth and leadership as before. With the return of the legendary Brandon “BC” Carr to a playing role, and the aggressive drive of Panbazou, the team looks forward to tearing through the North American League. 

On joining the team, Panbazou had this to say:

“I’ve always aspired to be a professional player and DarkZero has given me the best opportunity I could ask for. I know a lot of people will question the decision and say what they want, but I have no doubt I will prove everyone wrong. Time to start grinding and show what we can do.”

You can watch all the action and cheer for DarkZero in the NAL as it returns on June 15th. The team faces Mirage Esports in the second game of the day as they rematch from last season’s opener. Follow us on Twitter @DarkZeroGG and catch the game on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/rainbow6