DarkZero Enters VALORANT

DarkZero Esports is proud to reveal the brand-new DarkZero VALORANT team! After their success in the closed qualifiers of the Valorant Championship Tour in 2021, it became clear that the “Kooky Koalas” were a perfect fit for DarkZero Esports.


Zachary Matula, CEO and founder of DarkZero had this to say about entering the VALORANT scene: “We’ve spent the last few years building the model for our organization and this is a very exciting opportunity for DarkZero to expand into a new scene. Riot has supported League of Legends esports, and with the health of that ecosystem, we trust they will mirror that in VALORANT. This team has shown they can compete with the best in the world and we look forward to seeing what they can do with the support of our program.” 


The expansion into VALORANT is a historic moment for DarkZero as it is the first roster the org has taken on since its inception in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League in 2018. Alongside the Rainbow Six Siege roster, the VALORANT team is playing from the DarkZero compound in Las Vegas in their own team room. Led by Captain Andy ‘Andersin’ Collins and IGL Kyle ‘ScrewFace’ Jensen, the team consists of Nick ‘Harmon’ Harmon, Adam ‘Ange’ Milian, and the newest addition of Yannick ‘KOLER’ Blanchette, and is coached by Zack ‘huuaw’ Solomon. 


Matching the players enthusiasm and determination, DarkZero is fully committed to elevating the team to the next level. With this newfound focus and support, we are certain that the VALORANT team will not only surprise, but surpass expectations moving forward. 


The VALORANT team joins the org after a successful run in the VALORANT Championship Tournament closed qualifiers. You can watch them playing in the upcoming NA VALORANT Championship Tour Stage 3 – Challengers Open Qualifier on Thursday, 6/1 at 5pm EDT. Join us in cheering on the brand-new DarkZero team in their first ever game, and follow them on Twitter for more VALORANT content!