After over two years with the team, Matthew “Hotancold” Stevens has been released by DarkZero Esports. A founding member of DarkZero’s Rainbow Six Siege roster, Hotancold brought a tremendous amount of talent and flexibility to the lineup and evolved over the years into an integral part of DarkZero. His time here allowed the team to reach new heights, including a finals appearance at the Tokoname Pro League Finals and a trophy at the August NAL Mini-Major. 

When Hotancold joined the DarkZero family in 2018, he had already established himself as one of the premier fraggers in the league. Over time, his role on the team transitioned into hard support, where Hotancold established himself as the best support player in North America. His work ethic and in-game leadership were an invaluable part of DarkZero’s success. We thank Hotancold for his role in establishing both the org and the team and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. Moving forward, he will be released as a free agent, which allows him to explore all possible options. 

DarkZero Esports is proud to announce that Nick “njr” Rapier will join the team for Season 2 of North American League. Njr comes from Disrupt Gaming where he had an all-star rookie season which helped his team finish 6th in Stage 2 of the US Division. Njr can take control of any match he plays in, led by his ability to make high-impact plays and the mentality of a world champion. His hunger for success and discipline aligns with DarkZero’s mission to build a dominant team and win, in-game and out. Please join us in welcoming njr as he comes aboard, and watch the team play again in a LAN environment for NAL on March 24th, 2021.