DarkZero is a full-scale esports organization that combines state-of-the-art training and development. With a deep passion for gaming we strive to empower our players and to create innovative ways to watch and engage them and their fans.

The DZ Method

  • Build dominant teams via:
    • Market leading data and analytics
    • Full-scale comprehensive player support in and out of game
    • Intelligent and proactive recruiting
    • Focus on innovative training techniques

  • Remain centralized. We believe that remote teamwork, while practically necessary at times, is no substitute for face-to-face interaction.

  • Put players first. By maintaining status as an org that players want to play for, we align ethical and business principles to benefit from mutual growth.

We emphasize a holistic approach to training and development. DarkZero is fusing pro sports innovation and gaming expertise to build dominant teams for today’s games.

Data supports that our strategic planning delivers tactical value and creates a competitive advantage. Our method finds new data-driven processes that provide insight. It uses historical and predictive information and turns info into insight.

We win games. Our method has proven results. As an organization, we take contenders and make them into winning athletes.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Physical and mental fitness go hand in hand and play a key role in the DZ method. The players work with a personal trainer, receive nutritional guidance, have a meditation coach, and a financial advisor.


Players receive personalized health plans with the guidance of a personal trainer.


Our team is a family in the truest sense. Not everyone can work together, let alone live together. Our method allows us to combine a powerful mix of different personalities and skill sets without friction.

The Darkzero game house

The DarkZero gamer house is located in Houston, Texas. It is a 6,000 sq foot beautifully furnished home that is equipped with state of the art equipment and full time staff. The team live, work, and win under one roof.

Many esports teams are spread out nationally and even globally with little to no local support. Our mission at DarkZero is to centralize our players, focus their talent, and sharpen their skills. We do that with a complete mind and body program.

  • 6000 SQFT
  • Training
  • Analysis
  • Players First
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