Rainbow Six roster signs 2 year contract extension

Darkzero are thrilled to announce that we have agreed to a 2-year contract extension with our Rainbow Six Siege roster. These new agreements demonstrate our commitment to Siege and our promise to set the standard for player support and focused investment in rosters.

Darkzero focused on Rainbow Six Siege and have committed to supporting the current roster through 2021.

Why start with Rainbow Six Siege? We did the math. Our investment methodology combines internal data-driven analysis, years of experience in investment and the video game industry as well as the advice of gold-standard third-party consultants to find sound growth opportunities in the esports industry. Rainbow Six Siege presented just this kind of opportunity. Siege offers:

  • Current-gen gameplay
  • Next Gen support
  • An engaging viewership experience
  • A pattern of best-in-class growth
  • Dedicated and demonstrated long-term support plan from Ubisoft

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