Welcome back BC



Today DarkZero Esports is excited to announce the return of the man, the legend @BrandonCarrDZ as the fifth on our @Rainbow6Game roster. Once more unto the breach,

Brandon “BC” Carr will be joining the player lineup of DarkZero Esports and filling in the hole after Owen “Pojoman” Mitura was let go a few days ago. Jordan “BKN” Soojian remains as coach.

BC returns to play after his departure from Evil Geniuses in 2018. He had been on the team since Season 5 of the Pro League, and had been to the Season 6 and 7 Pro League Finals, as well as the Six Invitational 2018 and Six Major Paris — with Evil Geniuses finishing second to the G2 Esports roster both times.

BC left the team for a coaching role with DarkZero Esports, announced two months later after the conclusion of Season 8 of the Pro League. He is  widely regarded as one of the best Buck players in North America, if not every region, and one of the best frag-grenade specialists when he had been a player.

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