Darkzero Signs SK Gaming Team

DarkZero Esports Signs SK Gaming Rainbow Six Siege Team

DarkZero Esports announced today that we have signed SK Gaming’s Rainbow Six Siege roster to play as our inaugural team. These players have been outstanding representatives for SK Gaming and it gives us great pleasure to welcome them to the DarkZero Esports family.

Those of us at DarkZero Esports would like to thank SK Gaming for their support in the transfer of their team and hope they have a bright future ahead of them.  This incredibly talented roster that SK Gaming has effectively developed will be received with just as much dedication and support that forged them into the team they are now. In addition, we have a surprise addition to our coaching roster in Brandon Carr aka “BC” hailing from Evil Geniuses.

Here are the players and support staff that will be wearing the DarkZero jersey to represent us in R6 competitive play and entertaining the future DarkZero fans on their Twitch streams, YouTube channels and Twitter feeds:

  • Brandon ‘BC’ Carr has recently stepped down as a title competitor and has transitioned into a coaching role for DarkZero. He is one of the most successful players in Rainbow Six and looks forward to reaching the same heights from a different position. His wealth of experience and strategic expertise will surely elevate our roster to the next level.
  • Jordan ‘BKN’ Soojian has been involved within the professional scene since its introduction. As a former pro player himself, he has coached the two most elite teams in the game. His methodology and understanding of the player psyche propel individuals to reach their potential. He intends to coach another set of champions like those before.
  • Matthew ‘HotanCold’ Stevens is an experienced veteran who excels at flexibility and high-impact plays. He may currently be the most underrated fragger within the region and is only improving. He is one of the few players who has both the skill and confidence to go head-to-head with the elites.
  • Sam ‘Jarvis’ Jarvis is one of two Canadian players and is easily one of the scariest in North America. With his unrivaled precision and discipline, he has established himself as one of the most skilled players in the game. His talent alone allows the roster to be dominant.
  • Kyle ‘Mint’ Lander joins us as the Captain and in-game leader for the squad. He has led this roster to their strongest season yet and will continue to push them to the next level. Although he is arguably the best and most well-versed player on the team, he has made his mark with his unique and clever strategic approach.
  • Owen ‘Pojoman’ Mitura is the second Canadian on the team and has been an iconic staple for the squad since its inception. He has proven season after season to be one of the most consistent and solid team anchors and has been central to recent success. His stoicism and level-headedness have been crucial in creating the team that stands today.
  • Zachary ‘Nyx’ Thomas is the youngest, newest, and most tenacious player on the team. He has proven this last season to have the potential to be one of the greats. He looks forward to forging DarkZero into a North American titan.

Jordan ‘BKN’ Soojian’s statement on transferring to DarkZero Esports:

“We are humbled and grateful to bear the responsibility to represent DarkZero. We have a unique opportunity to grow and shape its identity. Their vision and ideals align with our values of support, professionalism, and performance. Thank you to SK Gaming and all our fans – we look forward to your continued support and our future playing under the DarkZero banner.”

DarkZero Esports CEO Zach “The DPZ” Matula says about the new team:

“We have been eagerly anticipating onboarding our inaugural team and could not be prouder to have signed this incredibly talented roster. We look forward to competing in and growing with one of the most exciting and dynamic esports scenes in the world with Rainbow Six Siege. Thank you to SK Gaming, Ubisoft and ESL for working with us towards a smooth transition.”

You can also follow each of the players through the links below:

BC – Twitter (@BrandonCarrDZ), Twitch (BrandonCarrDZ)

BKN – Twitter (@BKN_R6), Twitch (beekayen)

HOTANCOLD – Twitter (@Hotancold_), Twitch (hotancoldDZ)

JARVIS – Twitter (@SamJarvisDZ)Twitch (Jarvis_R6)

MINT – Twitter (@R6Mint)Twitch (mint)

POJOMAN – Twitter (@PojomanDZ)Twitch (pojoman)YouTube (pojoman007)

NYX – Twitter (@Nyx_r6)Twitch (nyx_r6)

You can also follow DarkZero Esports through these links: TwitterTwitch

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